Adil Gangji – Ottawa Ontario


My name is Adil Gangji. I grew up in Kitchener Ontario, where I went to culinary school at Conestoga College, and have been cooking for 12+ years.

I trained at Deer Ridge C.C., a private golf course, as a sous chef under executive chef Darrell Fletcher.  I also trained under an executive chef that headed up the Skydome in Toronto for 13 years.

I currently reside in Ottawa, working at Lord Elgin hotel. I had the pleasure of working under Chef Michael Smith, learning a lot about the culinary industry, and how much he loves food. I really love cooking with people that have that passion for preparing good food; It tends to feed the creative side, and it never gets boring.

Here in Ottawa, I have found the woman of my dreams and will be settling down, looking at expanding my personal catering company and the next stage of my career. If you want a passionate chef, with an eastern flair to his dishes, to execute your next special event flawlessly, I’m your chef!



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