Andrew J Barrett – Kitchener Ontario

Andrew J Barrett

Hello!  Let me introduce myself, I am Andrew Barrett.  I studied culinary arts at Humber College and graduated the Chef de Cuisine apprenticeship program with honors.  I then trained for six years with Chef Robert Orsi from Leon, France who cooked for the Queen.  I then felt I was ready for my own adventures.

The first stop was Vancouver, Canada – a nice little playground for fresh local food and a wide array of fish and seafood.  Next came the Grand Cayman Islands,  nestled in the Caribbean Islands 90 miles from Miami, the adventure had just begun.  I was young and ambitious, and the world is a vast place with so many places to explore I thought why not? Soon I boarded a plane for Australia where I cooked and toured around for a fantastic year then headed to New Zealand for yet another great experience!

After that, I thought to myself, it’s time for some R and R, and I jumped on the next plane for a few lovely months in Thailand.  My taste buds exploded with intrigue for the flavours and spices in this tropical paradise. While over there I continued on to India and Nepal for a short trek in the Himalayas, which were indescribable!  This was one of the three world tours that I have journeyed on.

I have also worked in Spain and Great Britain.  Travelling has enabled me to keep an open mind about the world and the wide variety of cultures on this beautiful planet.

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