Classic Smoked Ribs

For Gas Grills


2 Full Racks of Pork Back Ribs
3 Tbsp Dijon Mustard
1 Tbsp Fresh Chopped Thyme
1 Tbsp Pureed Garlic
Salt and Fresh Cracked Black Pepper
3 Tbsp of Little Bite Different BBQ RUB
Sauce Of Choice (optional)

Total Time:
About 3 1/2 hours


Preheat your grill to 250 – 275 degrees.
Prepare your smoking chips of choice (apple, cherry, hickory, mesquite) They all work well. I prefer to use foil pouches with a hole or two poked in the middle. I dont bother soaking my chips either, but feel free to mix your pouches wioth half soaked chips, and half unsoaked. This gives you a little slower smoke. (also slower to start smoking)
You can also use steel smoker boxes, or an automatic feeder if you feel like impressing your freinds.
You will probobly need to make 6 – 8 pouches depending on the size of them.

Take your beautiful pork ribs, and season them generously with salt and pepper.

Then take the garlic and dijon mustard, and give those ribs a good massage. Make sure you dont forget anywhere!

Sprinkle those ribs with the fresh chopped thyme, and then the Little Bite Different BBQ RUB. Use as much as you like, but just a moderate dusting will be fine.

Insert one of your smoke pouches beneath the grate, right onto the gaurd above your burner. Give it a few minutes to start smoking.

Have a beer.

Place your ribs onto the warming rack and try and keep that lid closed as much as you can. The smoke pouches should last about 20 minutes or longer, so just refresh the pouches when you think the old one has had enough. In my experience, the more holes you poke in the foil chip pouch, the greater chance you have of it catching fire. It’s a good idea to have a squirt bottle handy to extinguish any flare ups with the smoke pouch.

After about an hour, you can turn over your ribs. An hour after that, you can turn them back over and start basting with the sauce of your choice if you like. I prefer to eat mine plain, with my favorite chipotle sauce on the side.

This whole process should take you about three and a half hours, as long as you dont deviate to far away from the 275 degree temperature. To test if the ribs are done, just insert a fork between the ribs and give it a light twist. If the meat has surrendered to you, and wants to come away from the bone fairly easily, you are good to go. Take the ribs off the grill and let them rest for ten minutes.

Serve with some grilled vegetables and seasonal corn, and man you got yourself a meal!