Kidney Foundation Walk


Give the gift of life walk. Happening in Bechtel Park, 185 Bridge St. W., Waterloo. Sunday September 09, 2012 Registration time: 10:00AM

We here at Personal Chef Ontario, and a Colleague of mine, Wildfire Cuisine, will be providing the food for this great cause this year. Please come out if you can, show your support, eat some great food, and we are sure you will leave feeling fufilled and with some new inspiration. Giving back feels great! We hope to see you there!

For a direct link to the kitchener walk details click here: Kitchener Give the Gift of Life Walk

Taking Steps, Inspiring Hope.

We look forward to welcoming you at the 2012 Give the Gift of Life Walk. The Walk is a special time for dialysis patients, organ transplant recipients, living donors and the medical community to come together and support the Foundation in such a way that we can do more. With your help we can take steps and create a better future for the 10,000 Ontario families affected by kidney disease.

Take the first step. Change lives and inspire hope. Register Now