Reflecting on a 50th birthday..

Good morning Keith,
As I get settled into work for the beginning of a new week, I am reflecting on quite a memorable weekend.. As you know the whole premise of our girls day on Saturday was to celebrate a 50th birthday with one of our dearest friends. I personally took the organizing role and had a vision of how I wanted the day to flow and what I hoped would make for a successful birthday celebration.
I can’t tell you how grateful I am for finding your website and taking the leap of faith with your company based on the online testimonials and the clear compassion you have for your work as displayed on your website.  Also your quick responses, your willingness to work with dietary restrictions and when we had the double booking issue, you clearly cared enough to help find a way to resolve.
That brings me around to Chef Tyler.  We had an amazing time with Chef Tyler.  He is just so nice, so professional and so pleasant to have around.  And he’s a great chef and made our experience one to remember! Your company was very well represented with Chef Tyler at the helm.  He worked his butt off all day and presented our courses on time and with such professionalism that we felt we were being treated like VIPs.  And as promised he left the kitchen in great shape and when we had guests later that evening, I didn’t have to worry at all about the cleanliness of anything.
We loved the menu and our only disappointment was that would couldn’t have more of everything! Haha…however had we indulged on the first course the way we wanted to since it was soo good, we never would have made it through to dessert.  But as a testimonial to how great everything was, every course resulted in empty plates!   I think Chef Tyler enjoyed his day too and we really did appreciate all his hard work for us.   The whole experience of hiring a personal chef was fantastic and I cannot wait to do this again.  I would recommend this service to anyone who wants an extra special night in their own home.  And I guarantee you and I will be talking again for a future event.
Thank You, Thank You, Thank you…from the bottom of our hearts.  We had a great time and made more lasting memories with our dearest friends and we’ll always reflect back on this day with a smile on our face and warmth in our hearts.
You should be so proud of what you’re doing and the team you have assembled.  I just can’t say enough…
Bridget (& Jacquie, Cindy, Mary, Susan, Penny)