Book Writing Is Underway

mrs_cookbooks2Well, I’ve always wanted to write a book.

I think most of us do.

I never really knew how to get started though.

I think most of us must feel that way.

That’s why this book is going to be different.



This project I’m working on is a book on how to set up, manage, and grow a successful personal chef business or catering company.
What is going to set this book apart and make it unique, is that I will also be talking a lot about the right mental attitude it takes to transform you into a new business owner. The right mindset.
In my experience, if you don’t have the right attitude and mindset, you are doomed to fail at any large venture you undertake. To me, this is the most important area when it relates to success and failure.
Of course the book will also be filled with great information like website development, SEO, marketing, legal needs, equipment outfitting, dealing with clients and all the necessary things that you will need to learn as you go through the process of getting a business set up. We will also have a section in the book, where we will provide some easy, delicious, versatile and never fail recipes, that are compiled from the chefs within personal chef Ontario.

I wanted to share this exciting news with everyone, and truly cant wait until I can bring this book to the world and have the opportunity to help so many more people.

I will keep everyone posted on the progress, I may even start a kickstarter campaign, and it is my goal to have this done by the end of the year!

If you think you could benefit from a book like this, or know someone who could, don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


Chef Keith