Classic Smoked Ribs

For Gas Grills Ingredients: 2 Full Racks of Pork Back Ribs 3 Tbsp Dijon Mustard 1 Tbsp Fresh Chopped Thyme 1 Tbsp Pureed Garlic Salt and Fresh Cracked Black Pepper 3 Tbsp of Little Bite Different BBQ RUB Sauce Of Choice (optional) Total Time: About 3 1/2 hours Procedure: Preheat your grill […] Read more »

Indian Butter Chicken with Lemongrass Basmati Rice

Ingredients: For the Curry: 2 tbsp olive oil 5 – 6 medium sized boneless chicken breasts with skin dusted with tandoori spice 1 large Spanish onion finely chopped (½” x ½”) 1 ½ tbsp madras curry powder ½ tbsp madras hot curry powder or to taste 1 tbsp garam masala […] Read more »

BBQ Season is just begining

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone for a tremendously busy summer so far… and so much more to come. We here at personal chef Ontario, have been blessed with a great season of BBQ weather, and we’ve done quite a few of them. The […] Read more »

The Healthy Spinach Dip Post

Hey everyone, I though I would share this recipe I developed from three other really good dip recipes. It’s great with nice whole grain vegetable crackers or good crusty bread. It has some cream cheese yes……and some sour cream yes…….and some olive oil, I know…. but your body needs good fat! […] Read more »

The health benefits of virgin coconut oil

Hey everyone, I’ve recently been doing some reseach on coconut oil, and found out that it may be one of the healthiest things on our dear planet to eat! Rather than waste your time talking about it, I will just post some links here for everyone to read at there own liesure. But […] Read more »

Smoked Duck Breast Salad with Peppery Baby Greens

Ingredients 2 large handfuls baby arugala or watercress, rinsed and well dried, roughly chopped or torn 2 tbsp hazelnut oil or walnut oil as a substitute 2 tbsp champagne vinegar 1 tsp Grain Dijon mustard 1/4 cup dried cherries 1 tsp sugar 1 smoked duck breast, cold, thinly sliced 1/4 […] Read more »