Elegant Wedding Buffet

White and Whole Wheat dinner rolls

Flavored butters for bread on tables:

~ Mixed herb butter

~ Toasted almond and lemon butter

Appetizers:                       all vegetarian

Assorted Gourmet Bruscettas with toppings consisting of:

~ Classic tomato and basil on baguette

~ Mango, apple and mint salsa on stoned wheat

~ Sun dried tomato and roasted garlic pesto on foccacia

Main Course:                        7:00pm

International Food Stations  

1. Salad Station consisting of: Mixed greens, romaine lettuce and baby spinach

Toppings are:            

~ Candied pecans                        ~ Sun dried cranberries

~ Assorted sliced mushrooms         ~ Red onions

~ Sliced apples                            ~ Smoked bacon lardons

~ Pumpernickel croutons               ~ Diced mango

Dressings are:

~ Sesame thia vinaigrette                      

~ Cranberry vinaigrette                

~ Roasted garlic balsamic

~ Peppercorn ranch                    

2. Beef Carving Station consisting of:

~ Rotisserie striploin of beef

~ Mini baked red skinned potatoes

~ Sliced roma tomatoes with basil, olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper

~ Medium heat horseradish

~ Sour cream and chives

3. Chinese wok station consisting of:

~ Traditional Kung Pao chicken

~ Cantonese shrimp chow mien

4. Italian lasagna station consisting of:

~ Classic lasagna with a layer of spinach and ricotta cheese

~ Vegetarian lasagna with eggplant, zucchini and bell peppers                                    (vegetarian)

~ Garlic toasted baguette fingers served in bread baskets

6. Indian curry station consisting of:

~ Traditional butter chicken

~will be served with naan bread fingers served in bread baskets.


7. Dessert station consisting of:

~ famous carrot cake.

~ multi-tiered wedding cake

~ chocolate fondue fountain with fresh cut pineapple, strawberries, grapes, melons and marshmallows with skewers

Late night


8. Mexican / Southwest taco station consisting of:

~ Soft taco pinwheels filled with meat, lettuce and tomato.


~ Fresh Pico de Gallo (tomato salsa with cilantro and jalapeño)

~ Black bean, mango and cilantro salsa

For further information please contact Chef Keith Little:

Phone: 519.716.2433

Email: keith@personalchefontario.com

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