Sample Catering Contract

We understand that there is a large need for valuable resources in the field of personal chefs and caterers. So we here at personal chef ontario, have created a sample contract for personal chefs, and caterers. A lot of time and energy was spent in the creation of this form, so in order to make it fair for everyone, it just costs a very small fee for the full version which you can then modify to your own business.

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7 PM START until 12 Midnight
200 PPL

General Information

Customer’s Name: ________________________________

Full Address: ____________________________________


Time of Function: _________________________________

Location(s)of Function:_____________________________

Guaranteed Total # of Guests________________________ 

Home Telephone:_________________________________



Type of Function:_________________________________

# of Adults__________# of Children Age 0-3__________


# of Children Age 4-7__________


Location Fee if applies:_________________________ 



CRAB CAKES with Corn Sauce
Presented in Martini Glasses

Served with Thai Sweet & Sour Sauce


Sliced and served with Whipped Butter

EXOTIC MIXED GREENS SALAD with Paper thin Red Onion, Shredded Carrots,
Homemade Croutons. Served with Roasted Almond Dressing

BOW-TIE PASTA with Grilled Chicken Breast, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fresh Rosemary, Gorgonzola cheese

GRILLED YELLOW-FIN TUNA with Cajun Seasoning
Served with Roasted Yellow Bell Pepper Sauce

SIGNATURE BRISKET with reserve pan juices

DESSERT BUFFET with fresh fruit and chocolate fondue fountain

$xx.xx per person

List of Services to be Provided by (Company name):


Guest Count:

In this section we discuss initial and final guest counts, increases and decreases in those numbers, and timeline policies regarding finalizing the guest count.

Date Reservation Fee/Deposit:

Here we talk about how much, and when the deposit is due. Also how this deposit is deducted from the final bill.

Deposit Guarantees & Cancellations:

In this area we discuss the cancellation policies, and the amounts of your deposit that would be returned if a cancellation occurs.

Final Bill Presentation and Payment:

In this section we discuss the different policies of paying by personal cheque, and by other methods. Also discussed is how the final invoice is presented, and timelines with regards to last minute changes.


Here we talk about what the company is liable for, any damage that occurs and how that is resolved. Also discussed is what the client is responsible for, and local laws if the apply.

Leftover Food Items:

This section describes the companies policies on leftover food items, exceptions to this, and how they are handled.

Grace Period for Service Time:

(Applies to functions of 100 guests or more only)

Here we discuss the companies grace period policy, additional fees if they so apply, and how and when they are to be paid.

Service Guarantee:

In this section is discussed the level of service that is to be expected, and the level of communication which will be provided. Also how the company is licensed.


Customer Signature (1) Date


Customer Signature – please print


Customer Signature (2) Date


Customer Signature – please print


(Company name) Signature Date

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